Friday, December 28, 2007

Day Seven in Hawaii

Day Seven:

This morning we sailed into Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. We had booked a snorkeling excursion with Sea Quest Excursions. This was the only port on this trip where we had to take a tender boat to reach the shore.

Since we were on the first morning excursion we had to be on the first tender from the ship and we were there in no time. The snorkeling excursion began from the Keauhou Bay and we took a free shuttle in a trolley aka matu vandi (as named by baby bro).

A view of the ship from the shore

We were soon in an inflatable raft slicing through the water. The trip by itself was an adventure. It was like being on a water roller coaster and we were hanging on to our dear lives. The coastline filled with numerous sea caves and amazing beauty. Zipping along the pristine clear waters we were rewarding with sightings of the winter time Hawaii visitors - the humpback whales from the cold Arctic waters. There is a certain amount of awe as we saw these enormous creatures.

We zipped through to the Captain Cook Monument in Kealakekua Bay. The history behind it is intriguing and bloody. It raises more questions than we have answers for. The bay is a marine sanctuary for years and that this is the place where they filmed a scene for "Finding Nemo".

We also had a chance to snorkel along the Honaunau Bay which is another historic site. Under the clear waters it is a different world. Thriving coral reefs, tropical fishes... to feast our eyes on. This is the area known for the green sea turtles - Honu. Unfortunately we did not see any.

The sea caves and lava tubes doting the coast are really fascinating and the lores and legends associated with them make it more interesting. It was a wonderful trip and another highlight of the trip. And just when we thought the trip was over we spotted the Hawaiian spinner dolphins. These were such adorable creatures and they swam just next to our raft. It took all all I can, to control myself and not try to touch these wild creatures!

The Sea Quest raft inside a cave and the blow hole on the Kona Coast

It was a four hour trip and we would recommend Sea Quest for anyone who wants to enjoy the Kona Coast whether you snorkel or not. After a great trip we were back in the ship for lunch and some R&R. We enjoyed a wonderful American diner lunch at the Blue Lagoon on the ship, feasting on burgers, fries, mac n cheese... yummy!

There was always something on the ship to keep us entertained, be it lounging by the pool, taking a dip in the hot tub or playing table tennis or learning some Hawaiian crafts! It was so much fun! We were just too lazy to head back to the land and stayed on ship.

We headed to Papas Italian Kitchen for dinner and enjoyed the family style dining at Papas. Lasagnas, Fettuccines and triamisus later we were too stuffed to move out. But we had late night plans too. A visit to the spa for a Hawaiian style lomi-lomi massage for V and a date with the illusionist for the men. Both were really great and wonderful. Memories we will carry with us forever!

Fettuccine Alfredo at Papa's

Our vacation was coming to an end soon. Our last port of call - Kauai soon up!

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