Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day Eight and Nine in Hawaii

Day Eight:

This was our last port of call and we were on the oldest island in the Hawaiian archipelago - Kauai. This island is famed for its waterfalls, the sheer cliffs, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific - Waimea and of course the Jurassic Park locales. Most parts of the island are inaccessible and the best way to take in its beauty is from air, from a helicopter.

And that is what we did. We had booked with Island Helicopters for an hour flight around the island. The weather played a havoc and finally we were in air only by 3pm. And this meant our other plans went haywire. We had to cancel our car rental and be content with taking the helicopter tour and taking it easy in the ship.

The helicopter trip was just amazing. The abundant rains that canceled our tour in the morning made sure that there were waterfalls in every direction we turned around. Rainbows doting the horizon, the cliffs of Napali Coast and the waterfalls were sights that cannot be described. We were glad we took it. A heli ride scares many people off and it is quite expensive and as I said before we were so glad we took it. It was once in a life time trip and it was amazing.

After the ride, we spent the rest of the day taking it easy and hitting a few stores to shop for souvenirs. We had Tex-Mex dinner at Paniolos on board the ship and enjoyed free entertainment on board.

Day Nine:
Almost at the end of our cruise, we started the tough job of packing! We spent the morning at Kauai's Walmart ;) and enjoyed the ship's sailing through the beautiful Napali Coast. Seeing from air and sea made a good contrast.

This is when Baby bro got his revenge with the photographer aka Captain by asking him to pose for a picture, the poor guy was pissed off!

While V headed off for a quick lesson on ribbon lei making, the guys enjoyed a lazy game of table tennis. Dinner at Alizar, finale show at Stardust Theater and the trip was almost over.

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