Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sailing away!

Cruising is currently the big wave in the tourism industry. We got bitten by the cruising bug a few years ago and decided to dive in. The common misconception about cruising is that it is very expensive, but in fact it is not. And if you keep your eyes peeled open, there are amazing deals popping all over for exotic locales.

Like any vacation cruising has its own pros and cons. The biggest con is the amount of sightseeing you can get done in one port while the ship is docked. Typically you end up doing something like snorkeling or scuba diving or just lazing around the beaches. But the best part about the cruise is that it is an all-inclusive vacation kind of deal and you really do not have to worry about where to eat, how much is it going to me, are we on the right course kind of stuff.

With cruise lines becoming more casual these days, there are no reasons to worry about being strait and formal on vacations as the cruise industry once was. Today cruising is really casual, some cruise lines more than the others. We previously cruised with NCL and we loved their freestyle concept. Casual attire, private tables and it was the perfect relaxing vacation for two.

Our upcoming cruise is also with NCL and we are looking forward to floating around the Hawaii islands and enjoying stuff. We'll sure have details about our cruise coming up soon.

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