Friday, November 23, 2007


And yes we are heading off to the Aloha land. To the warm tropical waters, ripe pineapples, the volcanoes and the coral reefs. To Hawaii we go. Our trip is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of deal and we all pulling all stops to have a full adventure.

The Plan:

It was tough making a decision, every island in Hawaii is so unique and special and we wanted it all. Greedy of us and we found the best way to do it. We are cruising in Hawaii. Cruise is a totally different form of travel and it suits some. We have cruised before and loved it. And we are glad we can do it again in Hawaii. Another great thing about this trip is our travel companion, baby bro KA. It sure is going to be merry sailing.

Blogging from the ship is going to be impossible as it is exorbitant. And we have quite a lot of plans for each of the islands but I know we are being ambitious. I sure will have a detailed day to day account once we are back and more about our trip coming up soon.

Oh yes we are off in less than a couple of weeks!

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