Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Road trip - 2 - THE PLAN

If there is one thing we both enjoy doing together on a vacation, it is to explore amazing sights, nature awes us. Give us the trees, the mountains, the rivers and anything else we'll take it. We love the mysteries nature offers. And this time we are off to the East Coast of US to explore some amazing sights and a bit history thrown in.

There is bound to be a crispness in the air (should I say cold compared to the 95+ Houston temps?), leaves changing colors, hues of yellow and red, apples and cranberries and pumpkins and corns symbolizing fall. We are waiting for it!

Duration : 4 nights and 4 days

Location : New England, US covering the states of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine

Travelers: V and R

Mode of transport : Continental Airlines flight to Boston and then a Enterprise car rental

The plan:

Fly into Boston late Friday night, check out the sights of Boston and then head out for our road trip. We plan to drive along the historic towns and head to Cape Cod. And then drive from there to Vermont. And then via New Hampshire to the Southern coasts of Maine. From where we plan to get back to Boston.

We do have some timings planned out but we are just going to take things as it comes.

The major idea of this trip is to take in the back-roads showcasing the best Fall colors. And that is bound to be the best part of the trip. Colors and more colors. We do plan to break for nights at quaint bed and breakfasts along the way.

Seaside charm, historic towns, mountains and gorges, lakes and farms. Seems to be the perfect vacation plan!

We are planning to have fun and we hope we to update this blog as we are on road atleast this time.

Ha! There you go, our scary-on now includes a laptop and all the assorted accessories it comes with.

Look for your updates from the road starting October 12th.

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