Wednesday, September 26, 2007

400 Places to see

It is the World Tourism Day today (September 27, 2007). Celebrating the event in our own style, here are 400 places in our must see places around the world (in no particular order)!

North America
1. Banff National Park, Calgary, Canada
2. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
3. New Foundland, Canada
4. Vancouver Islands, Canada
5. Churchill, Canada for their polar bears
6. Denali National Park, Alaska, US
7. Cruising the Glacier Bay, Alaska, US
8. Dog Sledging with the Huskies, Alaska, US
9. Get enchanted by the Northern lights, Alaska, US
10. Bear Watching at Katmai National Park, Alaska, US
11. Orcas and humpback watching in Alaska, US
12. Exploring Olympic Peninsula, Washington, US
13. Fresh produce shopping in Pike's Market, Seattle, US
14. Coffee in Seattle, US
15. Road trip along the Cascade Loop, Washington, US
16. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, US
17. Crater Lake, Oregon, US
18. Watching the Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, US
19. Mt.Rushmore, South Dakota, US
20. Driving around the Great Lakes, US/Canada
21. Wind-blown in the Windy City, Chicago, US
22. Fall Colors in New England, US
23. Watching the sunrise in Acadia National Park, Maine, US
24. Shopping in style at New York, New York, US
25. Museum hopping in New York, New York, US
26. Catch a Broadway show at New York, New York, US
27. Nightlife in New York, US
28. Liberty Lady, New York, US
29. Empire State building, New York, US
30. New Year’s ball drop, New York, US
31. Follow the Pilgrims, Boston, US
32. Cranberry bogs and turkey dinner, Thanksgiving in Nantucket, US
33. Popping to say hi to the First Family, Washington DC, US
34. Camping out at Rocky Mountains, Colorado, US
35. Arches National Park, Utah, US
36. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, US
37. Trying our luck at Las Vegas, Nevada, US
38. Structural Marvel - Hoover Dam, Nevada, US
39. Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California, US
40. Yosemite National Park, California, US
41. Drive through service through the Red Woods, California, US
42. Road trip from San Francisco to San Diego along the Coast, California, US
43. Death Valley, California, US
44. Grand Canyon, Arizona, US
45. Red rocks at Sedona, Arizona, US
46. Native Indian Arts in New Mexico/Arizona, US
47. Hot air balloon festival at Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
48. Trek along the Rio Grande, Big Bend National Park, Texas, US
49. Romantic Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, US
50. Eat at Emerill's and enjoy Jazz in New Orleans, Louisiana, US
51. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, US
52. Road trip along Carolina and Georgia coasts
53. Plantation homes of the South, Georgia
54. Bring out the inner kid at the theme parks of Orlando, Florida, US
55. Beach hopping in Florida, US
56. Relaxing in the Florida Keys
57. Chopper ride over the Hawaii islands, US
58. Lava red and hot, Hawaii, US
59. Blue seas, blue skies all the way at the US Virgin Islands
60. Splashing in the waterfalls in Puerto Rico, US
61. Spanish Colonial architecture, San Juan, Puerto Rico
62. Cruising along the Mexican Rivera, Mexico
63. Copper Canyon train ride, Chihuahua, Mexico
64. Exploring ruins at Mexico City, Mexico
65. Chicken Itza, Mexico
66. Relaxing at the resorts in Cozumel and Cancun, Mexico
67. Inca Ruins in Central America
68. Costa Rica, a mix of seas, forests and spas
69. Cruising through the small Caribbean islands
70. Cave tubing in Belize
71. Ambergris Caye, Belize
72. Sailing through the Panama Canal
73. Enjoying the tropical forests of Panama

South America :

74. Angel Falls, Venezuela
75. Interacting with giant tortoises in Galapagos
76. Penguins in the tropics at Galapagos
77. Standing on the equator at Ecuador
78. Mt.Cotopaxi, the volcanic mountain at Ecuador
79. Trekking up Machu Picchu , Peru
80. Taking in culture and history and Lima
81. Lake Titicaca, Peru
82. Discover the Amazon rain forests, Brazil
83. Copacabana, the world’s most famous beach???, Brazil
84. Experience the Carnival in Rio, Brazil
85. The magnificent Iguassu Falls, Brazil/Argentina
86. Tango in the streets of Buenes Aires, Argentina
87. Leather in Argentina
88. Explore the last frontier of Patagonia, Argentina/Chile
89. Penguin watching in South Georgia Islands, Argentina
90. Check out the moai statues at Easter Islands, Chile
91. The disappearing lake in Chile


92. A dip in the hot springs, Reykjavik, Iceland
93. Take in the Fjords of Norway
94. Cross into the Arctic Circle to see the midnight sun at Norway
95. Shiver staying at the Ice Hotel at Jukkasjarvi, Sweden
96. Explore the canals of Stockholm, Sweden
97. Bohemian culture of Stockholm, Sweden
98. Taste an authentic Chicken Tikka Masala, the national food of England at London
99. A high Tea at London
100. Take a ride on the London Eye
101. Watch the changing of the guards, London
102. London Bridge is falling down!
103. Strawberries and Tennis at Wimbledon, England
104. Visit mysterious Stonehenge, England
105. Stratford-upon-Avon
106. Visit romance novels’ famous destinations, Bath and Greta Green, Great Britain
107. Waxing at Madam Tussads, England
108. Set our watches to the Greenwich time
109. Try to catch a sight of Nessie at Loch Ness, Scotland
110. Sip Scotch while enjoying a Bagpiper’s music from a kilted Scotsman
111. The castles of Scotland and Wales
112. Drive along the coast of Ireland
113. Pub-hopping in Ireland
114. Take a train ride through the “Chunnel” from England to France
115. Explore the monuments of Paris, France
116. Relax at a Café on the Champs Elysee, Paris, France
117. Shopping for designer wear in the Paris, France
118. Versailles, France
119. Taste the French wine at Bordeaux, France
120. Take French cooking lessons in France
121. Visit the beaches of the French Riviera
122. History and coastal charm, Normandy, France
123. Catch a Bullfight and Run with the bulls in Pamplona Spain
124. Tapas, tapas and more tapas in Spain
125. Check out the magnificent Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain
126. Tour the beautiful seaside’s of Portugal and Spain
127. Chocoholics on Rampage at Belgium
128. Bike around Holland looking at Windmills
129. Tulips in spring in Holland
130. Berlin Wall, in Berlin, Germany
131. Lindt Chocolate Museum in Koln, Germany
132. The amazing Koln Cathedral, Koln Germany
133. A Rhine valley cruise near Koln, Germany
134. Trek the Black Forest, Germany
135. Drive along the romantic road, Germany
136. Oktoberfest in Munchen, Germany
137. Cuckoo over cuckoo clocks in Bavaria, Germany
138. Christmas markets and nutcrackers in Bavaria, Germany
139. Alpine castles in Bavaria, Germany
140. Speed along the Autobahn, Germany
141. Mercedes and BMW car factories in Germany
142. Visit the little mermaid at Copenhagen, Denmark
143. Drive through the mountains of Austria
144. Check out the classic city of Vienna and catch an opera
145. Indulge our sweet tooth with Swiss Chocolates
146. Bank accounts in Switzerland?
147. Skiing the Alps in Switzerland
148. Say Cheese in Switzerland
149. Right time for a Swiss watch?
150. Gamble in Monte Carlo, Monaco
151. Check out the fashion at Milan, Italy
152. Ride the Gondola in Venice, Italy
153. Visit the St. Peter’s Basilica in Venice, Italy
154. Blow glass in Murano, Venice, italy
155. Visit the monuments of Rome, italy
156. Seek the blessings of the Pope at Vatican
157. Taste Tuscan Olive Oil
158. Have an authentic Italian Pizza
159. Lean on the leaning tower at Pisa
160. Cruise the Danube from Austria to Czech republic
161. History lessons at Prague and other eastern European cities
162. Magnificent monuments of Athens, Greece
163. Island hop Greece
164. White homes with blue roofs at Greece
165. Sunset at Mykonos, Greece
166. Stomp grapes at Mykonos, Greece
167. Hunt for Onion Domes in Russia
168. Take in the Kremlin square at Moscow, Russia
169. Cruise the Volga from Moscow to St.Petersburg, Russia
170. Caspian sea!
171. Faberge eggs in Russia
172. Hunt for the Siberian white tiger
173. Taste the Turkish Coffee in Istanbul, Turkey
174. Sounds and Sights of Istanbul, Turkey
175. Kabobs and more, Istanbul
176. Explore the Mediterranean coast of Turkey


177. Spices of Morocco
178. Architecture in Casablanca, Morocco
179. Exploring the city of Fez
180. Look over the strait of Gibraltar, Morocco
181. Experience the heat and dryness of the Great Sahara Desert
182. Nile valley, Egypt
183. The great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
184. The Sphinx
185. Watch the great migration of the wildebeest, Serengeti-Mara, Kenya/Tanzania
186. Safari for wildlife sighting through Kruger National Park, South Africa
187. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/ Zambia
188. The Great Namib Desert, Namibia
189. Watch the Springbok, South Africa
190. Lemur play, Madagascar
191. Mt. Kilimanjaro
192. Search for the gal’s best friend, diamonds
193. Trip along the KwaZulu Natal’s Elephant Coast
194. Kalahari for nature at its best
195. Drive along Tsitsikamma, South Africa


196. Gobi Desert, Mongolia
197. Conquer the Great wall of China
198. Rice fields of China
199. Getting lost in Shangai
200. Food adventures in China
201. Three Rivers Gorge dam, China
202. Forbidden City of Lhasa, China
203. Stroll through the now modern Beijing
204. Bubble Tea and Tofu in China
205. Drink yak’s milk in Tibet
206. Buddhist monks and customs, Tibet
207. Folk khamba customs, Tibet
208. Mt. Qomolangma, Tibet
209. Yarlung Zangbo River Great Canyon, Tibet
210. Pagodas and their beauty
211. Religious trek and trip to Mount Kailash and Manasarovar, Tibet
212. Heights at Mt.Everest, Nepal
213. The hidden country of Bhutan
214. Shop till you drop in Hong Kong
215. Check out the Pandas in China
216. Up Mt. Fiji, Japan
217. The gardens of Japan
218. Sumo wrestling, Japan
219. Shopping for electronics, Japan
220. Palaces and monasteries, Japan
221. Kabuki, No, Bunraku stage art of Japan
222. Sushi n tempura, Japan
223. Shopping festival, Dubai
224. Stay at the Burj, Dubai
225. Dead Sea, Israel
226. Palestine, Israel
227. Awe at the beauty of Lebanon
228. Petra, Jordon
229. The ancient port of Constantinople, Turkey
230. House boat on Dal Lake
231. Take in the beauty of Jammu Kashmir
232. Amarnath Yatra
233. Apple Orchards in Shimla
234. Le Corbusier’s planned city of Chandigarh
235. Golden Temple, Amristar
236. The Indo-Pak border
237. Palaces of Rajasthan
238. Pink City, Jaipur
239. Jewelry from India
240. Mt.Abu the hillstation
241. Tribal life in Rajasthan
242. Dhabha food in North India
243. Pushkar Camel Festival
244. Palace on Wheels journey
245. Monuments of old Delhi
246. Bargaining the way through Chandi Chowk
247. Wah! Taj!, Agra
248. Agra fort, a beauty of its own
249. Marvels of Mughal Architecture, Ferozabad
250. Dip in the Ganges at Haridwar and Rishikesh
251. Lucknow Chickan work clothes
252. Religious frenzy at Varanasi
253. Tea in Darjeeling
254. Road trip through the North Eastern states of Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam, Tripura, Mehalaya
255. Bihu dance, Mizoram
256. Get wet at Cherapunji
257. Rhizo track in Kaziranga
258. Rasagullas in Kolkotta
259. Mangroves of Sundabans and on the lookout for the tigers
260. Victoria Memorial, Calcutta
261. Howrah bridge , Calcutta
262. Shanti Nikethan, West Bengal
263. Khajraho temples, Madhya Pradesh
264. Sanchi Stupa, Ranchi
265. Gateway of India, Bombay
266. Shop, shop, shop, Bombay
267. Elephanta Caves, Bombay
268. Chaat in the streets, Bombay
269. Ajanta, Ellora Caves, Maharastra,
270. Navaratri Raas in Gujarat
271. Sarees in Surat
272. Gandhi’s birthplace, Phorbandar, Gujarat
273. Kite Festival, Gujarat
274. Watch the last of the Asiatic lions at the Gir forest, Gujarat
275. Chiki at Lonanawala
276. Jaganath Temple, Puri
277. Konark Sun Temple
278. Handicrafts from Pipili, Orissa
279. Beaches along the coast of Orissa
280. Hi-Tech city of Hyderabad
281. Charming Charminar
282. Bangle Shopping in Hyderabad
283. Buddha on the lake, Hyderabad
284. Govinda, Govinda at Thriupati
285. Lal baugh and Cubbn park, Bangalore
286. Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore
287. Electronics City, Bangalore
288. Vishweshvarya Museums, Bangalore
289. Dasara at the palace, Mysore
290. Bird watching at Rangatitu, Mysore
291. Brindhavan Gardens, Mysore
292. Trekking along the Western Ghats
293. Birth place of the River Kaveri
294. Coorg coffee estates
295. Kashmir of the South, Karwar
296. Pristine beaches on the Konkan Coast
297. Ruins of Vijayanagar at Hampi
298. Temples of Belur and Halebid
299. Gomateshwara Statue,
300. Jog Falls, Karnataka
301. Miles of beaches in Goa
302. Portuguese architecture in Goa
303. Munnar, Kerala
304. Ayurvedic spas and pampering, Kerala
305. House boating in Kumarkom
306. Tree houses in Wayanad
307. Sunsets in Kochi
308. Chinese fishing nets in Kochi
309. The palaces in Trivandrum, Kerala
310. Poovar Islands, kerala
311. Sailing to Lakshadweep Islands
312. Thekkady, Kerala/Tamil Nadu
313. Wind energy wanes along Kayatrau
314. Confluence of three seas at Kanniyakumari
315. Sunrise and sunsets at Kanniyakumari
316. A visit to Thiruvaluvar statue and Vivekananda Rock
317. Waterfalls in Courtrallam
318. Temple hopping in Madurai
319. Madurai malli poo
320. Pearls and Corals at Tuticorin
321. Hill stations of Tamil Nadu, Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercuard
322. Through the Mudumalai forests
323. The longest temple corridor, Rameshwaram
324. The sunken city of Dhanskodi
325. Kanchiveram pattu
326. The fertile Cavery delta
327. Our favorite Bhrihadeshwara temple
328. Road trip along Trichy, Thanjavur, Chidambaram stopping at off-beat small temples
329. Navagraha temple RV trip
330. Thanjavur filter coffee
331. Chettiyar architecture at Kararikudi
332. Mangroves in Pichavaram
333. Metropolis of Chennai
334. Shopping in Chennai
335. Marina Beach, polluted yet famous
336. Another era at Mahabalipuram
337. Dance festival at Mahabalipuram
338. The ashram at Pondicherry
339. French culture and architecture in Pondicherry
340. Sun and fun at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
341. History lessons at Andaman and Nicobar
342. Tribal culture at Andaman and Nicobar
343. Island hopping in Indonesia
344. Baliese Culture, Indonesia
345. Forests of Indonesia
346. Shopping in Singapore
347. Dare we try the Durain fruit?
348. Street foods of Singapore
349. Thai food!
350. Learn cooking Thai food, Thailand
351. Phuket Beaches
352. Spas and pampering in Thailand
353. Following the Indian culture in Thailand
354. Phimai Historic Park, Thailand
355. Forests and nature pristine and pure, Thailand
356. Khon dancing, Thailand
357. Palaces of Thailand
358. Phanom Rung Historic Park, Thailand
359. Khmer dance, music and artifacts, Cambodia
360. Strolling through Angkor Wat, Cambodia
361. Vietnamese hats and rice fields, Vietnam
362. The rich lands of Brunei
363. Island Hopping in Philippines
364. Beaches and more, Philippines
365. Calauit Island with exotic wildlife, Philippines
366. Tubbataha Reef, Philippines
367. Orchids, Orchids and more Orchids, Philippines
368. Ifugao Rice terraces, Philippines
369. St. Paul Subterrean park, Philippines
370. In isolation at Palau
371. Taipei, Taiwan
372. Elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka
373. Sea and beauty at Sri Lanka
374. The Buddha of Kandy, Sri Lanka
375. Adams Peak, Sri Lanka
376. Coconut cooking of Sri Lanka
377. Beauty of Maldives


378. The great outback, Australia
379. Climb the Uluru or Ayer's Rock, Australia
380. The Great Barrier reef, Australia
381. Make merry in the beaches of Gold Coast, Australia
382. Untouched rainforests of Queensland
383. The Sydney opera house, Sydney, Australia
384. Koala Bears and Kangaroos, Australia
385. The Aboriginal culture, Australia
386. Tasmanian devil sighting in Tasmania, Australia
387. A trip to Perth, one of the most isolated cities in the world
388. Visit a Maori village, New Zealand
389. Visit the Fjord land National Park, New Zealand
390. Climb down into the subterranean caverns in New Zealand
391. Visit a Sheep farm, New Zealand
392. Do the speedboat adventure in New Zealand
393. Watch others Bungee jump in New Zealand
394. Look for Kiwis in New Zealand
395. With the seals at Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
396. Kaikoura for marine life, New Zealand
397. White Island, the active volcano, New Zealand
398. Check out the islands of Fiji and Samoa in the south pacific
399. She sells, sea shells at Scheycells
400. Dare we say Antarctica?


S.Sivashanmugam said...

That's a plenty!!!
Hope you both belive in rebirth to complete the left out (ha ha...!)

V said...

Well 400 is not too bad. Yeah we need 7 births to see everything but who knows, a little bit of planning and saving might make us do at least 50% of the places..

our current count in 80!

Anonymous said...

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