Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dubai - 2

This post has been in the making for a while but here we go,

The modern Dubai is filled with tall skyscrapers, and malls. We visited a lot of malls mainly to see and admire their architecture. As architecture buffs we just needed to get to each mall. We did not obviously visit all malls but made it to quite a few.

- The Wafi City Mall

Shaped like a pyramid this mall takes the Pharaohs and mall watching to a different level. Art exhibitions, stained glass paintings and mosaics make this place a must visit in any architecture lover's visit to Dubai. Shopping-wise this place is filled with expensive stores and is not great for bargain shopping. If you are looking for brands and boutiques this is the place to go. They also have a big children's video game arcade next to the rather small food court. We went there on a weekday, mid morning and the place was practically deserted other than a few tourists and locals so were able to click some good pictures.

- Mercato Mall

This mall is a page off Venice. This was the first themed mall in Dubai and a cool place to hang out. The decorations look authentic and I particularly loved the acrobat life-size dolls in display. There was a kiddy corner and a musician entertaining the crowd the day we were there. The place gets really crowded and most of the people are seen right in the lobby near the stage and the Starbucks. For a relaxing cuppa, I would recommend the Second Cup a floor above the crowded Starbucks. There is a Spinney's supermarket in the mall that stocks up most of the luxury necessities. There is also a movie theater inside in addition to fashion wear and usual mall kiosks. There was a food court but we were not hungry and did not head that direction.

- Madinat Jumeriah Mall

This was our favorite. An old souk recreated inside the modern building with air conditioning, a fake creek and abbra rides that give you great views of Burj Al Arab. This was a last minute visit and I would hated to miss this place. There are a lot of shops, arts, artifacts seem to be the most common items sold. Some exclusive restaurants were around but the architecture - to die for!

Here are more pictures of the modern Dubai. The city itself is a good mix of old and new and a wonderful experience for people like us who need a bit of both worlds!

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