Monday, June 2, 2008

Windy City Breezes

We were on whirlwind trip to the Windy City. A few good friends, and a wedding drew us towards Chicago. It was a short-trip and more focussed on visiting and spending time with friends than checking out the city. Here are our observations of Chicago.

  • Bad roads.. and we thought H-town was the worst. Even tollways are like Indian roads in Chicago.
  • Suburbs looked pretty! We were there the first weekend of May and Spring transformed the suburbs. The burbs looked like the typical American dream homes... white picket fences, green yards brimming with tulips .. pretty very pretty
  • It was cold... it was 90+ in Houston and Chicago's 40's temp and winds did leave us longing for home
  • Chicago's downtown was neat... a good mix of ancient and new buildings. The meandering river does add a romantic touch to the city while the trains underground were kind of disturbing
  • Sears Tower was disappointing in a way. But it is worth taking a trip up just for the heights-of-tourism (pun intended). The views were not that great and the usual gift shops, photo before entering with backdrops of the tower views were kind of too boring. Also please change the cartoon infomercial on the lifts. The hens running around trying to pass info was horrible.
  • Overall, Chicago did not impress us much. But then we did not have time for more stuff. We really wanted to drive along Lake Michigan and visit some of the architecturally famed buildings. But time constraints were the biggest problem.
  • Chicago is not in our must-visit-places-in-US but would love to take in some of their architecture, and enjoy on the shores of Lake Michigan a deep dish pizza!
View from top of Sears

And the reason we went to Chicago

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