Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What next?

With quite a bit of traveling in 2007 (NY, Niagara, Phoenix, Seattle, New England and Hawaii) we need to now build our travel fund again before we head out anywhere. And a new job and a proposed trip to India in 2008 are more excuses for us not to travel. But that does not mean this space will see no activity. We plan to write about our old trips and in the works are San Antonio, Germany and Caribbean cruise. R already has a few wonderful photos from these trips in his blog. Check them
here, here and here and oh yeah I missed this

We also plan to write about all the small towns in Texas we stumble upon! Watch out for action!


Usha said...

wow. I admire travelers like you. Thanks for the lovely pictures so the likes of me can get a glimpse of these places. Happy travelling.

V said...

Thanks Usha. We do love traveling. We will have more coming up some on this blog. Meanwhile check out R's photos at http://lightpixels.blogspot.com/