Monday, October 15, 2007

Day Three - Roadtrip 2

Small town, USA

We are logging in from Old Orchard Beach, Maine and tonight is the last night out of our trip. We fly back to Houston tomorrow.

It was a road day and we spent most of the time on road today admiring scenic beauty all around. The day started out with a wonderful breakfast served by our hosts at the Applebutter Inn. Scrumptious baked apples, whole grain pancakes, apple butter, vermont maple syrup! Yum!

We left Woodstock around 10am and headed towards Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. You might think we had seen all possible fall colors yesterday but this morning we fell in love with New England's famed fall foliage all over again. The beauty is just breathtaking! We stopped along the Quechee Gorge before heading into New Hampshire. We decided to take the scenic drive offered by the Castle in the Clouds and enjoy fall foliage. And it was beautiful. The trees were just showcasing their peak colors. The reflections of the colors on the lake was just amazing.

From there our plans were simply to reach our final destination Old Orchard Beach in coastal Maine driving through the famed Kancamagus Highway (Rte 112). And what a ride it was! The foliage was the best at lower elevations and we did find mostly bare trees atop the Rte 112. We did stop at a few pullout points along the route but it wasn't just the best we had seen.

Our drive today took us through small town, USA established in the late 1870's with its 25 mph speed limits, volunteer fire stations, antique stores, rundown gas stations, a country store, a few homes, inns/bed&breakfasts, the must-have farm equipment store! We were in rural USA and believe there was not even a Golden Arch in those areas! Boy! It was comforting the see the first Starbucks in days at Portland, Maine! No we are not Starbucks regular customers, it has been months since we stepped inside one.. but just the sight of the familiar chain restaurants and stores are comforting after days in small town, USA!

We are done with the leaves and spending the night at Atlantic Birches Inn at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Our plans for morrow are to drive through coastal Maine and reach Boston to catch our flight home....Cya in Houston!

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