Saturday, October 13, 2007

Day one - Roadtrip 2

On the Pilgrims trail...

First day on road and it was quite a ride. We started off in the morning and headed out to downtown Boston, to check out the sights. Though a historic town, Boston does have a modern look to it. We loved the bridges and hated the cold weather! We visited the old State house and the the famous Quincy market. Nothing much to be said about those places.

Heading out of Boston towards Cape Cod, our first stop was at Plymouth. The drive to Plymouth was short and had some real pretty fall colors. Though the peak season was not yet there, it still was a sight to savor. The touristy Plymouth Rock, a reproduction of the Mayflower 2, perfectly blue seas doted with white yachts and eclectic stores made this an amazing place to stop for lunch. After a quick dose of history and a hearty lunch at an off-beat tavern at the Jenney Grist Mill we hit the road again.

The Jenney Grist Mill in Plymouth

Entering Cape Cod, we decided to the take the scenic Old King's Highway Route 6A and drive around. The drive through the Route takes you through the small, quaint towns called Sandwich, Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis, Brewster. These towns seem so different from the run-of-the-mill towns seen else where. Pretty old mansions teaming with flowers, grandmothers lovingly watering their gardens, lovely churches, old court houses, bed and breakfasts and some assorted small businesses here and there make these places special. With the leaves changing colors it was a wonderful sight as we drove along the winding roads!

Driving along Cape Cod, we reached our final destination for the night, Chatham. Located on the southern edge of the Middle Cape, Chatham is another quaint town filled with boutiques and inns. We are spending the night at the historic Nantucket House. We spent the evening watching the sunset at Chatham beach and it was a beauty. The setting sun set forth a riot of colors and it was just picture perfect!

A couple enjoying the sunset at Chatham beach

Tomorrow is another day as we head towards Vermont! We hope we can get wi-fi access there to update the blog!

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