Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day Zero - roadtrip 1

Traveling from Houston to our base Seattle, WA is a journey in itself. A four hour flight on the Friday before Labor Day means, long lines and confusion all around. We were lucky, we really did not have any major hitches and as we approached Seattle, the views were spectacular. There was light for us to make out Mt.Rainer and enjoy its majestic glory before we got off the clouds.

Once in Seattle-Tacoma airport, confusion prevailed. There were delays with the baggage, long lines at the Hertz rental, all attributed to the long weekend. It was dark by the time we hit the roads on our rental Chevy Cobalt. In the darkness, the sights of Seattle was similar to any city in US, construction all around on the freeways, a few cranes doting the downtown skyline, the usual. But Seattle had a lot more ups and downs than flat Houston, making the drive a good one.

We spent the night with friends and it was a fun time. Good food, better company, late night talks and that in short is life.

This was Day Zero of our trip!

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